GVNW Consulting, Inc. began as a small consulting firm in 1970 in Wilsonville, Oregon. The founders of the company, William Graeper, Ronald VanNoy, and Douglas Wagner, are how GVNW derived its name. GVNW garnered several clients in Colorado over the next few years and established an office in Colorado Springs. Because Colorado Springs was more centrally located, it became the corporate headquarters in 1975. Since then, two more offices have been opened; one in Springfield, Illinois, and another in Kerrville, Texas. GVNW acquired a large job in Illinois that required they have an office location there. The Kerrville office was established after GVNW purchased Dukes and Company in 1997.

Since its inception, GVNW has focused on the needs of the small rural independent telephone companies and has helped them prosper through various economic and regulatory environments. GVNW was one of the first to develop a software program to be used in the development of cost separation. The company has grown from six clients and three consultants to become one of the leading telecommunications consulting firms in the nation, currently maintaining a client base of over 200 companies, and over 55 employees.