Mergers & Acquisitions

The telecommunications landscape has changed—forever. Technology is racing forward at breakneck speeds, regulated financial revenues are evaporating and competition is attacking from every side. These factors combine with a myriad of other challenges to force companies to alter business plans in order to deal with declining profitability. For many small and regional providers, the ability to grow their business will involve forming strategic partnerships.

Our Mergers and Acquisition experts are here to help guide you through this evolving landscape. Whether you’re seeking to acquire, divest or merge, GVNW’s skilled team has years of experience you can count on for careful analysis and recommendations.

Mergers and Acquisition Guidance

Merger and acquisition strategy can be a powerful and critical component in achieving organizational goals. GVNW’s broad and varied merger and acquisition experience coupled with deep functional and industry expertise can effectively identify, execute and integrate deals that will strengthen your competitive advantage and add considerable value to your business.

No project is too large or too small. GVNW’s team has assisted in a wide array of transactions, everything from the very small single exchange companies to large consortiums acquiring multi-region and multi-state exchanges. Its team of experienced accountants and engineers has the depth of expertise and knowledge to ensure that your transaction is carefully evaluated, meticulously detailed and doggedly pursued to completion. When the success of your company is at stake, it’s critical that you have the GVNW team at your side.

Merger and Acquisition Services

  • Assessing fair market value
  • Modeling cash flows and future financial scenarios
  • Due diligence and liability discovery
  • Presale planning and marketing the company
  • Financial and tax modeling
  • Identifying non-strategic assets for sale
  • Assisting with finding appropriate financing
  • Completing required regulatory filings
  • Negotiating acceptable terms and closing the transaction
  • Assisting with personnel issues