Regulatory & Financial

More than 40,000 new laws were added to the books last year. Fortunately, only a few of them are aimed at your business. Still, in a world gone crazy with government oversight, you can’t afford to be without the comprehensive Regulatory Compliance Reporting Services of GVNW. Our professionals can help you reduce the expense of complying with the mountain of Federal and state requirements that consume time, money and manpower.

It’s a complex world for regulations, reporting and compliance, and its only getting worse. It is critical that you enhance your compliance reporting capabilities, and GVNW can help. Our Regulatory Compliance Reporting professionals can lessen the burden and expense of complying with applicable Federal and state regulatory requirements. We provide continuous monitoring of regulatory compliance and submission of all reports to ensure your company is free to do what it does best—provide exceptional service to your customers in a cost effective way.

We can also assist with all aspects of cost studies/separations to assure your regulated business is in compliance with all Federal and State requirements.

  • Accurately calculate jurisdictional revenue requirements and access costs for use in settlements or ratemaking
  • Review, assist and complete data requests, filings and reporting for the FCC and NECA
  • Prepare and submit all Federal and state regulatory reports, audits, filings, disputes, settlements and contract issues
  • Identify and allocate revenues and costs to appropriate categories and jurisdictions
  • Increase effectiveness and efficiency of regulatory reporting

Regulatory Compliance Reporting And Cost Studies

  • Prepare & submit Federal and State regulatory reports
  • Continuous monitoring of regulatory compliance
  • Forward-looking cost models
  • Jurisdictional traffic analysis
  • Separations cost studies
  • Rate cases and rate design
  • Federal and State tariffs
  • Federal and State tariffs