Transformation - Compliance Services

GVNW’s Transformation Services is a comprehensive package of services specifically designed to help ETCs remain in compliance with the FCC’s new annual reporting requirements.

Our regulatory compliance experts will work closely with your company and manage all aspects of both Federal and State compliance requirements including Benchmark Rate Evaluation and Implementation, the 5-Year Service Quality Improvement Plan, Mapping Services, and all the other required reports.

Regulatory Compliance Reporting And Cost Studies

As part of its current transformation of USF and Intercarrier Compensation, Local Exchange Carriers must set their rates at or above the benchmark levels or be penalized by a substantial reduction in their USF support. Some states are also in the process of establishing their own benchmark rates with potential reductions in state support.

These benchmarks are just one small element of the exceedingly complex USF/ICC transformation, but meeting these benchmarks is a crucial step for remaining compliant and avoiding penalties.

GVNW can provide detailed evaluation of the effects of benchmark rates, develop strategies to best balance rate increases against the need to minimize customer loss, and execute the specific implementation steps required.

  • Analyze your current rates relative to initial and future benchmark levels.
  • Calculate potential federal and state USF penalties.
  • Develop rate strategies to minimize customer loss while meeting benchmark requirements, including possible repackaging of current services, changes to calling scopes, or identification of new services to increase value to customers as rates increase.
  • Develop financial forecasts for benchmark effects, including interrelated effects of other changes being made by the company.
  • Educate/train company staff and board members.
  • Develop customer education and communication programs.
  • Produce and file supporting documentation to meet state and federal regulatory requirements.
  • Where necessary provide expert testimony or other required support before regulatory bodies.

GVNW’s Transformation Services

  • Strategic, Network, and Services Planning
  • Local Benchmark Rate Evaluation & Implementation
  • 5-Year FCC Service Quality Improvement Plans (The 5-Year Plan)
  • Intercarrier Compensation Analysis and Forecasts
  • Corporate Financial Management Support
  • Mapping Services
  • Regression Studies
  • Internal Board and Staff Training Program
  • Company Education & Communications Program