Revenue Assurance (CABS)

Recent studies show that revenue leakage and retroactive adjustments account for up to a ten percent loss on Carrier Access Billing transactions. Those loses can have a substantial impact your company’s financial position.

Whether you create your Carrier Access Bills (CABS) internally or use a vendor, it is one of your company’s largest revenue sources and should be reviewed periodically for accuracy. GVNW has the experience, knowledge and skill to thoroughly evaluate whatever process you use to ensure all payments are complete, accurate and timely. Contact the Revenue Assurance experts at GVNW and let them explain how they can improve your company’s bottom line today.

Our Revenue Assurance experts are experienced in dealing with the inherent complexities of network, tariff and industry changes that frequently cause companies to leave valuable revenue on the table. By putting GVNW’s team to work for your company, you can be assured your billings are accurate and you’re receiving appropriate payments.

Revenue Assurance - How We Do It

Revenue Assurance means different things from one company to the next. Regardless, every company is interested in stopping access avoidance and that is where GVNW excels. Our approach focuses on the full lead-to-cash process which means we look very closely at your entire company to ensure that no revenue is lost and that costs are fully controlled. It also addresses the full scope of your company’s business process—order entry, sales commitment, billing and cost validation. But we don’t stop there; we also examine the broadband technology that supports revenue assurance such as customer requirements capture, provisioning, rating, validation and billing.

Revenue Assurance ensures:

  • Application of tariff rates and terms & conditions of those rates
  • Proper application of jurisdictional factors
  • Meet Point Billing percentages
  • Application of mileages as specified in NECA FCC #4
  • Company recorded switch records and access usage records
  • Special access circuit assignment validation
  • Billing accuracy

As a GVNW client, our Revenue Assurance Services will help you realize increases in revenue, cash and reductions in costs.